Car of the Week: 1960 Mercedes Fintail

Bit of a change of pace from last weeks Car of the Week post, to go from an ultra-exclusive Carbon chassis’d supercar to a 1960 Mercedes 220SB Fintail is about as extreme a contrast as you can get. But one of the best things about the euro car scene is it’s diversity. There is another slightly stranger motive behind this post. A celebration of the Moustache. It’s is ‘Movemeber’ after all.

Ok, bear with me on this there is a point, I promise. The moustache is from a different era, when a well kept layer of fuzz on the top lip was the mark of a gentleman. A time when a suit and matching trilby was the outfit of choice. To go with this gentlemanly fashion a classy car was needed. A car like the Mercedes 220SB, with it’s chrome details, wood dash and subtle fins, it oozes class. Fast forward to 2012, facial hair is worn in a slightly more ironic way and classic Merc’s get airbags. On the right car and the right face they both work, which brings me neatly to this particular Mercedes. The owner of this car John Ludwick is rocking a particularly well executed ‘stash.

Just like a well kept nose neighbour, a well executed modified classic is a beautiful thing. Classic car ownership isn’t for everyone, parts are hard to come by, they’re not fast and often breakdown. But for those of us who have been seduced by a classic they get under your skin. Every journey is an event, every successful modification a victory and the results can be spectacular.

The most obvious thing about this car is the stance. Sitting low over the original steels with hubcaps and white walls, the 220SB just looks cool. Achieved using a custom air-bag set-up, a lot of work was put into the car to get it sitting so low but remaining useable. External mods have been kept to a minimum. The paint & chrome has been polished & restored and that’s about it. Honestly though it doesn’t need anything else.

Inside it’s a similar story, largely stock but with some subtle touches. See the vintage camera? That’s the air-bag controller, cool eh! Cars of this age have a certain coolness built in that you don’t seem to get with modern cars. Take the horn for example, it’s not a simple button it’s a big chrome ring which becomes a feature and accentuates the chrome work elsewhere on the dash.

I’ll leave you with one last moustache/car analogy. Modifying classics is a fine line, a half arsed attempt will result in a feeble layer of bum fluff, too much and you end up being a Burt Reynolds look-a-like. But if you get it right you’ll be the coolest kid in town and look like you’re not even trying.


For more details on the car, see the build thread on stanceworks –

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