EVENT: Cavallino Cars & Coffee

Blue Porsche 911 BBS RS

The first Sunday of every month is becoming a day of great significance for car enthusiasts in Sydney ever since Cavallino opened its parking lot and doors to host the monthly Cars & Coffee meet. The velocity of growth in terms of attendance shows no signs of slowing, and this past Sunday I rose early to immerse myself in what could by Sydney’s best regular car gathering.


My ride today was this very Japanese Mitsubishi Starion from 1988, owned by my good friend Marcus. This widebody variant is both handsome and rare with more than a hint of 924 Carrera GT in the boxy fender flares. VN 236 is an extremely clean and mostly stock example and Marcus had entered it to be judged at Cavallino, which meant we’d have to head off early to ensure we could access the inner parking lot. Coffee is a must before a drive this early in the morning, so a quick stop at the local caffeine dealer was in order before heading off.


We were joined by a very clean FD Rx-7 and WRX sedan, making a very JDM trio – not something you’ll see on these pages too often!


You know you’re getting close to Cavallino when you start to see sights like this…


These chaps had picked a prime spot to enjoy their breakfast and watch the machinery roll in to the display area.


After parking the Starion up in the display area it was time to get hunting! The early morning sun was certainly bringing the best out of this Ferrari paintwork but wasn’t quite warm enough to stave off the biting 7am cold!


There was a mini traffic jam as everyone scouted for a empty a piece of kerb to park their pride and joy. A select bunch of cars deemed worthy were granted access to the inner parking lot, including the latest creation from Autohaus Hamilton.

Red Ferrari Testarossa

My personal favourite on the day was this stunning Ferrari Testarossa… makes you miss the 80’s, doesn’t it?


A slightly more modern interpretation of the mid-engined Italian formula in the shape of this Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale.


Italian cars just look better in red, don’t they?


This 928 was clad in a slightly more austere colour-scheme but looked equally classy.


It was an extremely clean example of this oft-neglected model and had some really cool touches – like this ‘Car of the Year’ sticker from 1978.


And factory wing mirror covers! Little touches like this give a retro car so much personality.


Facing the 928 was it’s younger cousin – the 968 CS. I really, really want one of these right now and seeing a clean example like this doesn’t help!


The Porsche marque was very well represented at the event across all models and years. Some pushing the definition of ‘street legal’ into new territory.


Others of the opinion that the factory got it right the first time.


This black-on-black 991 GT3 was so new I’d doubt the owner would’ve had a chance to modify it even if he wanted to!


I’m not sold on the standard 991 shape, but in Gt3 form… if looks could kill!


Does anyone else have those cars that they recognize instantly, despite never knowing who owns it? I’ve seen this 964 at the track and on Instagram, but am yet to meet the owner!


In this case I recognized both the car and the owner – Rob Scheeren from the Porsche Club had brought his Targa along for its first outing since a ground up rebuilt. If you’re reading Rob – looks great!


Enough with the Porsches (for now), continuing my stroll through the rows of automobilia there were some great examples from the Lotus marque to be admired.


Lotus Evora kerbside.


Even the carparks of surrounding shopping complexes had been overrun by exotica.


I’m glad I explored, because there were plenty of gems to be found. I’ve only ever seen one other ‘Cossie’ on aussie roads, so this track-prepped example was a real treat.


Another photo, because why not!


Just around the corner sat yet another Porsche (Sorry – but are you really complaining?) in an olive green finish which is now in my mind the only colour 356’s should ever be painted.




E36 M3 so clean you can eat off it? Yes please.


The 90’s is always considered a bit cringe-worthy as far as fashion and design goes, but you can’t debate that we got some great car designs. They’re on the cusp of being ‘classics’ as well – a good investment, perhaps?


A gathering like this was always going to interest the boys in blue but everyone was on their best behaviour. Apart from some questionable park jobs, that is.


The local firies also came an out to make sure none of the Italian supercars caught fire, very conscientious.


Right down the end of a row of cars was this 550 Spyder replica, a car that turns heads even at the Porsche Club Concours. I’d guess most people at the meet wouldn’t have even seen it.


Great weather and true open topped motoring – it really can’t get much better for the owner.


James Bond himself had brought the daily driver out for the morning – a V12 DBS.


These are really special and have a really unique air of sophisticated aggression about them.


It was about 10am that the bulk of cars started to make their exit, and again the crowds gathered around the arterial road to spectate.


And on that note, I’ll end my commentary but please enjoy some ‘bonus’ images below! See you at the next event!










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  2. Good read! Well done!

  3. Terry Lawlor says:

    Nice pictures Blake, it’s a great morning out. I am the lucky owner of the grey 356 Speedster! It was its first day out after a three year resto by Ron Goodman of Exclusive Bodywerks

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